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Sending Direct Mail is Even Easier with USPS Every Door Program

Conventional wisdom these days suggests that internet marketing smashes all other types in this age of instant information. Many businesses now pour their marketing budget into email, pay-per-click and social media campaigns, leaving their old direct mail marketing efforts in the cold. But according to the Online Marketing Institute, direct mail generates a whopping 4.4 percent rate of response compared to a mere .12 percent for email marketing.

People, connected as they are, still respond to mailers. As attractive as this is, direct mail campaigns are not easy to get right, which is why AlphaGraphics steps up to the plate to partner with your business and navigate the complex process of direct mail marketing for you. So how can we help you? Keep reading to find our more about our process and how the USPS Every Door Program can help get your mailer into the hands of the right people.

Discuss Your Idea and Plan

First, we meet with you to discuss your ideas and what you want to accomplish. We can advise you on the best program for your budget, whether you desire letters, flyers, postcards, gifts or anything else that can move through the mail. We have professional copywriters, graphic designers and mailing specialists on staff along with our printers.

Choose Your Target Area

Selecting the mailing list is a big job. With our experience, we can acquire an appropriate list of addresses for you, use your own internally-generated list or select a specific area according to Post Office regulations.

How USPS Every Door Direct Mail program works

Design Your Marketing Piece

We’ll design your mailer and submit it for your approval. You can make changes until you think it’s just right. Our printers can add a special UV coating to postcards so they survive the brutal trip through the sorting machines at the postal service.

Choose the Postage

If you want to send your marketing message in an envelope, you probably want to avoid the expensive first-class postage. With our partnership with the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program, we will find you the best postal rates available. Since postage eats up the largest slice of the pie, we want you to be able to mail as many pieces as the budget allows.

Send Them Out

Here’s another area where the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program comes in handy. After you’re finished designing your direct mailer with us, you can use the Every Door program to select the best postal routes for your mailer. You can choose up to a 5-mile radius of your business or search via city/state/ZIP code to select individual routes. Your mailer will be delivered to every address on your selected route.

While all marketing campaigns can be time-intensive and expensive, the payoff at the end is what keeps your business thriving. Contact our new North Chicago location today to make an appointment with our direct mail and marketing experts. We can help you take your business to the next level.


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