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Attractive Large-Format Printing Will Make You Stand Out

Attractive Large Format Printing Will Make You Stand Out

Outdoor advertising – it’s all around us. Large-format printing is a graphic design technique that presents itself in window storefronts, on the beach, on highway billboards, around convention centers and even on the sides of vehicles. And when it comes to promoting your brand and business, the possibilities are endless! Large-format printing, however, is an intricate skill with its own unique set of challenges. Not just any graphic design can be blown up in size and labeled as large format. For this reason, it’s a smart idea to hire a professional graphic design firm with a large-format printing skill set to help make you stand out from the crowd. Here are three reasons why to do so.

Reason #1: They Help You Tell Your Story

One of the most important factors of outdoor marketing – and marketing in general – is the ability to engage your audience by telling them your story. Graphic design is a powerful tool that guides your audience through your story and gets your message across, and graphic design companies can help get you there. Don’t know what your story is, or feel like you have zero creative ability? That’s okay! A professional graphic design team can help you draw it out.

Reason #2: They Can Help You With Signage Regulations

While large-format printing for window signs, cardboard cutouts, and other indoor displays can be whatever size you desire it to be, large format printing for outdoor signs and ads for convention centers are often required to follow local regulations. Professional graphic design companies know what those regulations are and can tell you what is technically feasible for your printing in the beginning stages.

Got a blank wall or floor in your store? That's an advertising opportunity right there for your customers.

Reason #3: They Help You Think Outside the Box

You’d be surprised how many kinds of spaces are turning into advertisements these days. Got a blank wall or floor in your store? That’s an advertising opportunity right there for your customers. Have windows, cars or even escalators in your office space? Yep, we can transform those too. By making the most out of your spaces, you’ll see how large-format printing can make an impact on your ROI and customer brand recall.

Thinking Big with Large Format Printing? Think AlphaGraphics!

If you’re looking for quality, timeliness and excellent creative in your digital and large-format printing, AlphaGraphics is your go-to center. And if you’re in the Chicago North area, book an appointment at our brand new Michigan Avenue location! We’re geared up and ready to go do deliver your large-format printing dreams no matter how big they are for your business. Just download our free marketing kit and send us a quote at no obligation to you. Thanks for visiting. We look forward to hearing from you!


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