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Round Out Your Interior Designs with Creative Wall Graphics


Round Out Your Interior Designs with Creative Wall GraphicsIn the 1980s and ’90s, wallpaper was all the rage, and then rag rolling and other creative painting techniques took over as the hot new trends in home design. Today’s options for home interior design are every bit as bright and bold, but they are much more temporary, allowing you to unleash your creativity without the concern of a large investment or painful regret from peeling paint or wallpaper. Today’s homeowners and even renters are jumping on the wall graphics bandwagon as a way to decorate their home, express personality and still maintain an easy-clean surface that can be customized again and again. We’ve gathered some inspiration in our blog to get your creative juices flowing! 

Fun and Whimsical Nursery

Childhood should be full of whimsy with delightful creatures frolicking through fields of beautiful flowers and prancing through sparkling waters. Whether your tastes run more toward the cute and cuddly or cool and classy, there are wall graphics in all colors, shapes and sizes to help create a stimulating yet relaxing environment for your tiniest bundles of joy. You could include graphics for the floor, ceiling and walls to make you feel as though you are floating through an underwater paradise or being protected by fun giraffes.

Funky and Colorful Playroom

Stimulating the imagination starts at a very early age, and bright, primary colors are thought to aid brain development in even the youngest of children. Create a funky and colorful playroom that your toddlers and older children alike will fall in love with. Add alphabet graphics or brightly-colored geometric shapes. A colorful playroom will help your child feel comfortable in their space and make it their own.

Use wall graphics to create a funky and colorful playroom for your little ones. Adding alphabet graphics or brightly-colored geometric shapes to the walls will create a colorful playroom that can help children make the space their own.

Living Room Statements

One way to keep from getting bored with your living room interior design without having to repaint every few years is to add a variety of accent graphics to your space. Whether you select an inspirational or spiritual verse or a reminder of the importance of family, adding statements to your living room can help your visitors feel at home and bring a little of your heart to the space at the same time.

Home Theater or Man Cave Makeover

If you are fortunate enough to have a space dedicated to entertainment, you are truly a lucky soul! Whether you have a man cave that you want to deck out in your team’s colors and mascot or add energizing accents to the walls and floor, wall graphics can really make the most of your space and make a statement that will be louder than words.

No matter how you decide to use your wall graphics — in a baby’s nursery, children’s play space or in your grown-up den — interior design with these fanciful (and removable!) options open up a world of possibilities for your imagination. Contact our new office on Michigan Avenue at 312-428-4850 to schedule an appointment and get started!


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