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Don’t Forget to Order Super Bowl Promotions for Your Business

Don't Forget to Order Super Bowl Promotions for Your Business

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, many Chicago-area businesses are gearing up for the Big Game. Planning for events and promotions is an important part of making this a profitable experience, and the time to begin is now. The following tips are offered to assist business owners in creating marketing and promotional material that will increase traffic and boost profits no matter who is on the field for game day.

Consider Expanding Your Space

Many businesses are forced to work with what they have regarding space, but there are often creative ways to increase the area that can be used during the Super Bowl festivities. In some cases, the parking lot can be configured to host a tailgating-style event, especially if additional parking can be found nearby. A patio or deck can also be reconfigured to allow more people to enjoy an event. If there are no outdoor spaces available, consider how to rearrange the primary floor to allow more people to come in and enjoy the game.

Create Memorable (and Profitable) Promotions

People love to get something for free, and will often choose their game day location based on the available promotions. Offering a free drink event, a complimentary appetizer bar or a blanket discount on all food purchases can boost business on the big day. This is also a great way to draw in new customers who have wanted to try your establishment but have not yet had the chance to do so. Be sure to create signage and banners announcing the promotion well in advance. Pro tip: leaving the date and specific team information off of these items will allow you to use them year after year.

You should start promoting your event at least a week in advance. Be ready with printed materials promoting your Super Bowl watch party and pass them out with each sale.

Ramp up Promos the Week Before the Game

If possible, host a daily grilling event or food truck outside the front of your establishment in the week leading up to game day. Few people can resist the smell of grilled sausages or wings, and many people will stop by to purchase a quick bite on their way to other destinations. Be ready with printed materials promoting your Super Bowl event and pass them out with each sale. This is also a good time to hand out free drink vouchers or entries into a game day drawing. Hiring additional staff to work this type of event will allow your business to continue to run as usual and can truly pay off in the form of increased business both the week prior and on game day.

Call in the Pros

These are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing as we move closer to Super Bowl Sunday. This event offers a huge opportunity for increased business for restaurant and bar owners, and having quality signage and promotional materials can make a world of difference. Feel free to contact the team at the new AlphaGraphics location on Michigan Avenue to discuss your game day promotions and to get a customized quote for your marketing materials. The time to design and order Super Bowl supplies is now, and we are always here to help.

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