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Wall Graphics: Giving Almost Any Space a Fresh New Look

New Adhesives and Substrates

With the advances in adhesive technologies, many presented by industry leader 3M, wall graphics are becoming appropriate in more and more locations both indoors and outdoors. Although “standard” adhesives are used indoors for typical painted wallboard we recently ran into an issue with an install at a local high school.

Alphagraphics Chicago North was hired to transform a large stage door that overlooked the main gym and thus visible to everyone. We spent some time getting the image and colors they wanted for the design and upon approval we were able to go to production. A few days later we were ready to install the vinyl panels with our “go to” 3M 40-10C removable vinyl.  We have installed this material literally dozens of times and were confident the material would work flawlessly again for this project.

Installing Wall Graphics

As we all stood and watched we rolled out the material for the first panel and much to our chagrin IT WOULN’T STICK!! The stage door we were covering was not made of traditional “wall board” but a Masonite material and worse yet it had not been painted.  As it turned out we should have used a test surface kit before we went to production but lesson learned.

We did have to reprint all panels of course at no additional cost to the customer, and this time on a higher tack 3M material which worked perfectly. The installation of twenty-nine “panels” took a couple of hours but the results are quite dramatic. The customer has already received dozens of complements on the new door and they plan on “unveiling” it to the students on the first day of class.

Alphagraphics Chicago North is very proud of this project as we look to do more projects for local high schools and colleges. To find out more about wall graphics please go to our wall graphics products page.

Check Out the Before and After!


Wall Graphics: Giving Almost Any Space a Fresh New Look-1


Wall Graphics: Giving Almost Any Space a Fresh New Look-2

It’s hard to show the difference it makes even in a huge gymnasium. It’s a transformation of the space which will hopefully lead to an increase in schools spirit and hopefully some more wins in basketball and volleyball.

We are looking for school administrators, teachers, athletic directors and coaches who are anxious to have their facilities stand out and take back the drab crème colored walls and chain link fences to show students, faculty and alumni the pride that comes with having unique graphics. These projects can be completed at a fraction of the cost of new facilities.

If you or someone you know may be interested in these types of graphics at schools, offices or even private homes have them reach out to us Alphagraphics Chicago North.


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