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Transforming your street appeal with Window Graphics

Victory Garden Theater's new window graphics

Victory Garden Theater’s new window graphics

The Need

Victory Garden’s Theatre, located on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park is one of Chicago’s premier Broadway destinations. In operation since 1974, Victory Garden’s Theatre is dedicated to developing and producing new theatre work and cultivating an inclusive theater community.

Over the past years we have done a number of projects for Victory Garden’s Theatre which all focus around their window graphics. This has usually been just a few panels of new graphics for when new shows about to premier. This most recent project was slightly different as all the theaters graphics needed switching out.

As we were dealing with a whole new set of window panels I met with the designers and marketing associates at the theater, primarily to take measurements for the panels but also to discuss the look they were going for and the substrates available for the project. This proved to be a key meeting for this project. In the past when working with just a few panels we had always used a 3M full vinyl for the window graphics. This worked really well but blocked out most of the natural light coming through the window. As we were discussing all the windows we decided to switch out the material to a perforated vinyl, allowing for natural light to come in through the graphics.

The Process

The next steps in the process here included quoting out the printed materials, the cost for removal of the existing graphics and the cost for installation of the new graphics. Once this was done and approved by the client we then moved on to the graphics themselves. Here at AlphaGraphics we have a full service design department but in this particular case it was not needed. Greg at Victory Garden’s Theatre was able to provide print ready files, keeping the cost down and greatly speeding up the process for completion.

Once we had everything squared away and in production I heard from the client that they were concerned as to the gold color they were trying to achieve for the print. This arose as the client had some flyers printed where the gold came out more like a mustard yellow. As a result of this I made sure to take a picture of the first graphic printed with this color and sent to client so that they could see the color before printing the rest. We always try go above and beyond for our clients to make sure they are happy with the final project.

The Solution

The color produced by our our HP 360 Large Format printer was perfect and I received approval to continue on with the project. From here the project went in without a hitch. We were able to get the graphics printed within 48 hours and installed within the next 24 hours.

This is just one example of the work we can do here at AlphaGraphics Chicago North but really reflects our dedication to our clients and our desire to make any project that we work on both successful and easy. Please reach out today to experience top quality product and customer service!


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