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Transforming Your Athletic Fields With School Stadium Mesh Banners

Want a first look at one of the hottest trends at schools in Chicago this fall? You’ll need a ticket for the next big game! School stadium mesh banners transform athletic facilities and perimeter fences with colorful designs that make a huge statement to fans, students and the community!

Now, more than ever, schools and universities are looking for provocative, engaging, and memorable ways to promote their brand.  AlphaGraphics offers a wide range of superior print and mesh banner solutions that are designed to enhance awareness and elevate team spirit. Our experienced team of design and marketing professionals can help hone-in on a distinct look based on your specific needs.

Mesh banners are designed primarily for outdoor use and are specifically constructed to move with the wind. Tiny “holes” allow air to flow directly through the material, decreasing wear on the banner and supporting structures. Since the material is more lightweight, mesh is a viable option to counteract the “sail” effect in gusty areas. Customers are often surprised by the level of print detail that can be included mesh banners. No matter the size or design of your project, we are up to the challenge to provide you with a solution that will get noticed.


  • Dimensions of the mesh banner
  • Single or double-sided artwork for the banner
  • Material comes in 8, 10 and 12 oz weights
  • Finishing options – grommets, webbing and sewn hemming
  • Determine if design work or installation is required
Kankakee Visitor's Bleachers before installation

Kankakee Visitor’s Bleachers before installation

Kankakee Visitor's Bleachers after transformation

Kankakee Visitor’s Bleachers after transformation


You want your school stadium mesh banners to be visually striking and easy to read. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need help formatting your artwork, the AlphaGraphics design team delivers impressive results faster than you think. Below are some tips to help you maximize the impact of your vinyl signage.

  • To ensure your message is legible from a distance, add 1” of text height for every 10’ of viewable distance
  • If your “Grand Opening” sign needs to be read by passersby on a road 50’ away, select letters that are at least 5” tall
  • Protect your brand standards by keeping the color or your logo consistent – know your pantone colors
  • High-contrast color combinations like blue text on yellow improve visibility


Our production experts require print-ready artwork for most print jobs. This means your art file is in PDF format, sized to the dimensions of your specific job. It’s also recommended that artwork that extends to the edge of your print include crop marks. Art files can be sent via email or submitted through our file sharing website.
If your design isn’t print-ready, no sweat. We’re happy to help! AlphaGraphics Chicago North features a full-service, in-house graphic design studio. So, whether your starting from scratch or just need a file resided for print, out design experts are on hand to help ensure your project is a huge success.


Your banner installation is just as important as this design and final production. High winds and even the weight of the vinyl mesh material can impact the look and longevity of your sign. Mesh banners feature sewn hems on all four sides to improve durability and include grommets in all four corners and depending on the size, every 18″ – 36″ for easy hanging. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to both fabricate and install the highest quality sign to exceed your expectations. From start to finish the experts at AlphaGraphics will make sure you have the tools and support needed to get the job done right!

A close up of our vinyl mesh banner.

A close up of our vinyl mesh banner.


If properly cared for, mesh banners can last years – even in the harshest of conditions. We suggest wiping down your full color banner with a damp and soft cloth, ensuring not to use any detergents or abrasive cleaners. Once clean, banners should be rolled with the print side facing out. If a hem or grommet needs repair, feel free to bring your banner back in to discuss options.


At Alphagraphics Chicago North we offer solutions that help customers “Get Noticed and Get Business”. No matter the job size or the material we are up to the challenge to provide you any size, shape or material our customers demand to inform and direct their prospects and customers directly to their properties. If you are the athletic director or business manager we want to hear from you! Our quality, service, pricing and turn-times will have your athletic facilities dialed in for the next big game.


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