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Custom Notepads, Post-It’s and More!

Looking to market your business? Considering printing custom notepads! Notepads make for great giveaways, and they are a hot commodity because guess what? Everyone always needs them! Whether you are looking to produce branded notepads for your office, or you are an artist looking to sell notepads with your designs, Alphagraphics has everything you need to get the job done.

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Custom Notepad Thickness and Colors

Notepads come in a variety of sizes and sheet counts. They are padded with chipboard and glued at one edge, allowing for the sheets to tear away. Standard pads typically come with a sheet count between 25-50. We do not have set sizes for notepads however based on the production process, at least 25 sheets is recommended. Notepad sheets can be printed in two ways: digital and offset. Digitally, you can print 4-color CMYK. This allows you to use as many colors as you would like in your design. Offset, you can print using 2-3 PMS colors. Printing offset will get you the best bang for your buck when printing notepads as the cost per sheet goes down. The only constraint is your color selection. Printing offset typically works best for businesses that are looking to produce notepads that utilize their brand colors.

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Custom Notepads In Any Size

Notepads can be produced in a variety of sizes, making them completely customizable! They can range from 3 x 3 to 8.5 x 11 or larger. Another thing you can consider when producing custom notepads is what paper stock you select. With a variety of stocks to choose from, you can consider different textures and colors for your custom notepads. Different colored stocks serve a great purpose especially if you are creating pads for internal purposes such as order forms, inventory forms, etc. Colored stocks can help these sheets stand out among the rest, making for better organization and efficiency within your business.

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Custom Post-It Notes

Not only can Alphagraphics help you create custom notepads, but we can also assist in processing orders for custom Post-It Notes and Calendars! Post-It Notes are similar to custom notepads in that there is always a need and they are great giveaways! You can brand your Post-Its with your company info and never have to worry about needing something to jot down quick notes or messages! They are also great because they have an adhesive strip for easy application. You never have to worry about forgetting important details! Custom calendars are another great office must-have. Similar to custom notepads, calendars are padded with chipboard and glued at one edge. Here at Alphagraphics, we can also provide backings so you can turn your calendar into a desk calendar! If you are looking for print collateral to outfit your office or pass out at your next trade show or conference, reach out to your Alphagraphics representative for more info on custom notepads, Post-It Notes, calendars, and more!


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