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The Advantages of Latex Wall and Window Graphics

As a full service printer and sign shop AlphaGraphics Chicago North provides all types of indoor and outdoor latex wall and window graphics.

Latex is a type of ink that is newer in the market but has become the “go to” printing option because of its safety, durability and versatility.  

Latex has a number of advantages over previous products:

  • Safety – latex inks are water based vs chemically based eliminating any potential toxins or odors.  This allows for applications for schools, hospitals and other sensitive locations.
  • Speed – latex inks dry almost immediately eliminating any “curing” to allow providers to get projects installed more quickly.
  • Versatility – latex inks bond to almost any substrate and are durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.

Utilizing latex inks AlphaGraphics is able to provide a vast array of textured and smooth substrates to transform any office, conference room, lobby, reception area or break/lunch room. We have seen window, wall and floor graphics installed in hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals as well as a wide variety of other businesses looking to transform spaces interior and exterior spaces.

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Latex Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be either vinyl or PVC free “wallpaper”. There are also a number of degrees of adhesives from repositionable (think fathead’s), to removable to semi-permanent.  These various options all stem back to the ease of removal and depend on how long a customer wants the particular image displayed.

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Latex Window Graphics

Typically the decision for a customer will be the degree or percentage of light coming through the window once the graphic is installed. Typically substrates are utilized that filter 25%-100% of light which is always determined by the preference of the customer. Window Graphics also come in first surface (on top of the glass) or second surface (behind the glass looking through it).

Latex Floor Graphics

Obviously one of the biggest issues with latex wall and window graphics is durability. Floor graphics tend to me thicker and more adhesive to prevent slippage.  Vinyl is by far the most utilized surface for floor graphics.  It is often textured and coarse but that does not mean the image is compromised, it will just look a little different.

AlphaGraphics Chicago North can assist any company, school, hospital or organization with window, wall, & floor graphics. We can custom design or find an image from an almost unlimited library of photo’s customized with your message.

Contact us, we would love to work with you!


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