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Signs and Printing – Why A Local Printer Matters

In this day and age, when someone is looking for a sign shop or a local printer they will quickly find out there are more options than they ever expected.  Of all of these options typically they can be categorized in the following categories:

  • Online only – typically national printers such as Vista Print
  • Regional – these are usually larger commercial sign shops and/or printers located outside of major metropolitan areas
  • Local printer – typically smaller but more conveniently located

AlphaGraphics Chicago North is a local printer.  With two convenient city locations (Streeterville & Lincoln Park) we are well positioned to work with local companies throughout the north side of Chicago.  Here is why it matters:

Location, Location, Location

Just as with real estate having a local sign shop and/or printer saves money:

  • Lower if any delivery costs 
  • Lower prices based on less material shipping costs
  • Customer Convenience – come by our locations to discuss projects or simply to pick them up
  • Speed – minimization of travel times allow for quicker turn-times on most jobs.  Materials can be received quickly should something change on the job

Flexibility, Adaptability, Agility

Being local allows for quick changes that can arrive in projects including but not limited to:

  • Change in artwork, edits to copy, misspellings, etc.
  • Change in scope of project – increase or decrease in size or quantity
  • Change in delivery time, location

Consulting / Recommendations – Relationships

Not every person ordering a job is an expert on the job itself.  Sometimes not knowing what questions to ask can be troublesome.  Developing or having a relationship with a local company can have it’s advantages:

  • Browse paper, bindery and substrate samples to SEE what is being purchased
  • Speak to designers to talk through different aspects of the project to make sure it’s exactly what is requested (or better)!
  • Ask about various substrates, vinyl, metal, fabric as well as different options for adhesion if/when applicable

In the end having a relationship with a local sign shop or printer can be an important business decision.  For urban businesses the speed, flexibility and consulting is often as important any potential price advantages from larger national or regional firms.  Building that relationship will often pay off many times over by having a local company go above and beyond when you really need them too and provide confidence that even last minute projects will be completed no matter what.

AlphaGraphics Chicago North is a local sign shop and printer that provides all of these advantages and specializes in local businesses that operate where we work and where we live.  Contact us for your next project, we would be excited to work with you!


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