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Trade Show Displays Are Our Specialty

AlphaGraphics Chicago North is located in the city of Chicago which means a lot of work with Trade Show Displays. The city has a number of venues with the most famous being McCormick Place. This massive location is actually two buildings which strattle Lake Shore Drive and together boast over 2.6 million square feet. While impressive are hardly the only spaces in town. There are literally hundreds of trade shows a year that take place in smaller venues often in or adjacent to local hotels.  

One of the most important decisions in making your experience as an exhibitor successful is to have a professional and eye-catching display. Standing out amongst your competitors is important to increase traffic to your booth. Trade Show Displays can be broken down into two categories and knowing the difference can often save quite a bit of money.

Portable Displays

As expected these types of displays are easily transportable and quick to install. Banners are a popular product in this space. They can be hanging or more often “Hop Ups” which is simply a banner installed within a metal cylinder and pulled up to its desired height. Banner Displays are a separate option, these are fixed in their shape and are often larger containing either vinyl or fabric graphics.  

Table Throws are another popular option. Custom designed and printed these on the front or top of the actual piece and often contain a company logo.  These are usually the main identity portion of the overall exhibit. These come in all sizes to match the tables either brought in or provided by the venue itself.  

The newest options in these types of displays are pre-designed Pop Up display systems. These are available in a myriad of sizes and shapes and are typically assembled in a way that they can be “opened up” to their larger, completed configuration.   

Modular Displays

These types of graphics are more sophisticated and customizable. They take longer to assemble and usually cost more but  are necessary for companies taking large exhibit space. Modular displays are custom made and provide a degree of flexibility to the exhibitor and are prominent in large shows/exhibits typical at McCormick Place. They usually need to be professionally (and union) installed so proper planning for this prior to a show is very important.

AlphaGraphics Chicago North is able to help any company with their trade show displays no matter what size or type they are looking for. It is almost impossible to talk to customers about these because there is such an amazing number of sizes and options to choose from. The best way to view these is from our online handbook.

The next time you have an event, large or small give us a call or contact us, we have all of the trade show displays you could ever hope for and more!


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