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How to get a sign project produced?

How hard could it be? Well actually there is a lot that goes into the process and hopefully we can give you some insight to help you plan your next sign project.


Do you know what type of sign project you are looking for?  Inside/outside, dimensions, quantity, etc. Do you have a design or do you need one created?

Proofing and Estimating

Once a file is received or designed an electronic proof and estimate is delivered to the customer to make sure the sign is what you are expecting and also within your budget.


Depending on the type of sign requested, shape, thickness and overall size the sign needs to be printed, possibly mounted and then routed/cut to exact specifications.  

A sign project can be printed “direct to substrate” usually when being mounted to foam core, acrylic, or some types of metals. Another option is to have them printed directly to a substrate (typically vinyl) which is adhered to and mounted to a rigid material. This method while slightly more time consuming and a little but more expensive often leads to a higher quality graphic visually.

Finally, the sign needs to be routed and/or cut. Routing and cutting are typically done on specific machines that use computer programs and lasers to “map out” each sign exactly and cut to specifications. Various blades can be used in this process depending on the material used and it’s thickness.

Packaging and Delivery

Once cut the production is completed and it’s time to get the order out the door and to you, our customer! Care is the name of the game in this phase as to not damage the product during delivery or installation. Obviously more care must be taken with lightweight materials than heavy duty metals but delivering a product in the same condition as it left the production process is always the goal.


The seemingly and relatively small number of installers in our area can sometime delay projects but at AlphaGraphics we believe in utilizing only certified installers whether they are union or non-union. We typically use 3M materials for our signs and look to installers that are certified through 3M directly. We have found their certification process to be the best in the industry.

We hope this gives you a little bit better idea of the process when it is time to order a sign. When you do AlphaGraphics is ready to work with you to ensure you get the highest quality, affordable sign anywhere.

Give us a call for your next project or visit our website to see all of our capabilities.



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