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Custom Labels Can Make Any Company Look Like A Major Brand

Once only available to the largest companies, labels and more specifically custom labels are now much more commonplace in virtually every industry. There are literally hundreds of categories of labels including shipping, food, health & beauty, promotional, variable data and removable just to name a few. Once again technology allows smaller companies to distinguish themselves by putting the “custom” into labels.  

Perhaps the best known example of labels is from Coca Cola. Coke cans now come with specific names, images and even messages. As it turns out many beverage companies have followed suit, taking advantage of custom manufacturing that allow for both shorter and smaller runs and more personalized variable data. These types of labels are found on craft soda’s, craft beers, craft wines, craft liquors and even bottled water!  

Another industry that is embracing labels is food packaging.  Again, smaller manufacturers are able to go to market and get on store shelves with innovative and variable data packaging. Manufacturers are able to focus on specific geographical regions, demographics, lifestyles or anything else they may please or that their marketing department can conjure up.  

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Possibly the oldest and possibly original use of custom labels are promotional labels. Custom labels and stickers have been used forever to promote specific products, company promotions, organizations, groups, schools, churches and events. These types of labels are usually adhesive and are affixed to a huge variety of surfaces typically in high trafficked areas for maximum visibility.  

As with other printed materials custom labels come in a variety of substrates and adhesives. For bottled beverages, foods and products labels are typically shrink wrapped or for cans “shrink sleeved.” This typically involves a thin plastic or vinyl material applied with heat. Custom labels can also be manufactured out of foil or now often “faux” foil to provide the maximum “wow” factor with a shiny finishes. Food labels on the other hand are typically paper and are treated to resist moisture and temperatures.  

Outside of food and/or beverage premium labels are often some type of paper or vinyl material where size, longevity, environment and surface dictating the type of adhesion. Typically, custom labels should be removable or repositionable for shorter term life cycles with more permanent/stronger adhesive reserved for labels that will be seen for long duration or subject to weather.

AlphaGraphics can assist any company or organization that needs custom labels for food/beverage, promotions, events, and packaging.  We specialize in short run and variable data to allow our customers to stand out from the competition whether that’s on the store shelves or anywhere else.  Contact us when your need arises.


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