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Wayfinding or Directional Signs For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals throughout Chicago trust AG to deliver custom printing solutions. From design support to recommending the right materials, our team is ready to consult on the appropriate visual communications and wayfinding or directional signs for your healthcare facility.

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Social Distancing Floor Graphic

Efficient wayfinding or directional signs is often your first interaction with patients

Incorporating wayfinding or directional signs creates a welcoming environment for new visitors. A well thought out system can reduce stress and make it easier for patients to find check-in stations, providers and waiting areas. Interior wayfinding not only expedites a visitor’s path to their destination, it can also relay critical information such as evacuation maps, safety and hazard warnings, elevators, stairs, and emergency exit labeling.

According to a recent study, more than 30% of people surveyed at a healthcare facility were first time visitors, and 40% had only been there 1-2 times previously. Thirty percent of patients showed up for appointments in the wrong building. Surveys from both visitors and staff can give insight about the effectiveness of your wayfinding system. While these stats are unique to each facility, clear direction is a crucial component of proper care. 

Today there are many options available for integrating wayfinding solutions. From traditional wall mounted signs to digital displays, a mixture of cohesive directional signs is most effective. Linking a variety of tools gives users multiple ways to access important information. Our experienced team can help achieve a uniform identity while accomplishing amazingly effective directional support.

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Generally speaking, there are four main types of wayfinding or directional signs: 

  • INFORMATIONAL SIGNS: Designed to help visitors determine and learn about their current location.
  • DIRECTIONAL SIGNS: Posted strategically throughout the area to help visitors find their destination.
  • IDENTIFICATION SIGNS: Nameplates and other signage that identify divisions, restrooms, offices and conference rooms.
  • WARNING SIGNS: Outline safety and regulatory information like a building’s fire escape routes, no trespassing, or non-smoking areas.

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    ADA compliant Signage

It is important to note that wayfinding signage includes both exterior and interior signs. Your system should incorporate a cohesive design throughout your entire facility, serving a functional purpose while still communicating your brand identity. Additionally, each sign must meet the requirements for ADA Compliance – high contrast text with easy-to-read fonts and required standards for the visually impaired. We are here to help to create an aesthetic system that meets ADA standards. 

Trust the visual communications experts at AG to design, manufacture and install a signage system best suited for your healthcare facility. We are committed to providing healthcare providers with the quality prints solutions and remarkable customer service. Contact us today!

To all the heroes that make up our healthcare system here in Chicago. Thank you for your dedicated service!



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