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Be Ready to Reopen with Social Distancing and Safety Signage

In order to reopen and get back to business, your going to need to guide your employees through the new procedures. Social distancing and safety signage is a great way to make sure your employees feel safe. It gives them a sense that you have this all planned out to keep them as safe as possible. AlphaGraphics Chicago North can help your business with a wide variety of printing and signage. In addition to the newly growing need for PPE signage, our center has always offered a large assortment of printing capabilities to help companies of industry relay safety, wayfinding, and informational messages. 

Be Ready to Reopen with Social Distancing and Safety Signage-1

Aisle of grocery store in Iowa.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing has become the new normal in 2020, and social distancing and safety signage helping your business relay new protocols to employees is now more important than ever. AlphaGraphics Chicago North can help you design, produce, and install custom branded messages, helping you pass along your new safety measures to your team. From social distancing vinyl floor graphics indicating where people should stand, to bathroom posters illustrating COVID-19 recommended hand washing procedures, to labels reminding employees to wear face masks in public area, we can bring your ideas to life, all with your company specific logo and messages.

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Side View in Public Restroom

Wayfinding, social distancing and safety signage has always been of paramount importance in the manufacturing industry. As we return back to a new normal this year, it may be a good opportunity to revisit your signage indicating where different items or departments are located, especially if you have had to relocate or reorganize any equipment or departments. Floor graphics and/or directory signage is a great tool to ensure employees, visitors, guests, and clients can find their way through your space. Along with wayfinding signs, safety signs have always been very important. From social distancing and safety signage to labels indicating when employees should have on safety equipment, AlphaGraphics Chicago North would love to help ensure your business is up to date with your signage needs. Contact to us today!


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