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Get Your Business Ready with Effective Reopening Marketing

Getting back to business in the new normal requires stronger reopening marketing and new operating procedures to keep customers, employees, and vendors safe. AlphaGraphics Chicago North can help you every step of the way. We have been working with several clients and will be able to take your rough ideas and create clean and clear campaign for your reopening. We have solutions for small businesses and large downtown high rises.

Reopening Marketing Signage at the front desk

Reopening Marketing Signage at the front desk

Communicate Health and Safety Guidelines

First, you will need to make sure you prominently display the actions you are taking to make sure your customers and employees remain safe. Alphagraphics Chicago North can help with that. When you are thinking through your reopening marketing start by thinking where you would like to communicate your steps. Then let us help with retractable banners at your front desk, vinyl window graphics on your front window or doors or elevator signs that can be installed in the hallway or right on the elevator doors.

Modern residential buildings in the city

Modern residential buildings in the city

Reopening Marketing to Drive Customers In

Second, you will need to advertise to your customers that you are in fact open and ready for their business. Alphagraphics Chicago North can help you with this as well! We can produce temporary flags to catch people’s attention. We can also create temporary vinyl banners with your branding that let potential customers know that they are welcome. Sidewalk graphics and floor graphics have also been popular in this time of social distancing. We can produce graphics that will adhere to a variety of surfaces and are laminated with a non slip durable surface.

What ever your plans to getting back to business, you are going to need to effectively communicate the steps you are taking. Contact Alphagraphics Chicago North today to help you communicate in a way that gets attention as well as reassures people that you are ready!


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