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Boost Summer Sales

Boost Summer Sales!

With summer comes longer, warmer days and a slower pace for some.  Depending on your industry, That can be good for your business or it can hurt your summer sales.  If your customers are more focused on planning summer vacations than placing orders or contacting you with business needs, now is the time to make plans to avoid a decrease in revenue.  Families may enjoy the time to slow down and focus on kids, but the slump in sales can hit hard to a small business owner.

Get Going and Get Creative, be proactive and plan for your Summer Sales.  If you are thinking ahead, you can use a few quick and easy marketing ideas to keep your business growing even during the lazy days of summer.

Plan now for the next four months.  With summer comes a plethora of opportunities to stay connected and keep business booming. From Memorial Day to Labor Day your possibilities are endless.

Here are just a few tried and true tips to boost summer sales.


The summer months are full of holidays you can use to create sales promotions, post to social media or host events around.  Memorial Day Sale, Father’s Day Frenzy, 4th of July Spectacular, Back to School Bonanza, and Labor Day Sale.  Use these days as inspiration to create a summer marketing plan that will promote new business.


Take advantage of the increase in social media surfing by hosting a sales campaign on Facebook or Instagram. Both platforms offer creative ways to boost your ads and ensure the right audience is receiving your information. Do your research and identify current trends and tie them into your summer promotions. This can help drive traffic to your site and boost engagement with prospects. Although I do not recommend going it alone. A marketing professional can help you choose the correct audience, demographic, geolocation, frequency and budget for your promotion ensuring your ad is effective and you will reap the rewards.


Customized promotional items will help get you noticed. The possibilities here are endless. Beach balls, sunscreen, outdoor glasses, hats, etc. make great summer gifts for your customers. Have your sales team drop in at their office and deliver the promo items in person. You can even include a gift card to the local ice cream shop.


Update your marketing materials to reflect the colors of summer. Use images that are bold, vibrant and bright. Going to a trade show or conference? Be loud and colorful. Bring popsicles or hand fans to the attendees. Make a statement with your banners and signs.


Host a prospecting event to attract new customers. Invite potential clients to happy hour on the patio, an educational workshop, or BBQ.  Be sure to have plenty of bold summer-themed materials on hand that outline your upcoming promotions and sales.


We know the importance of thanking our clients for referrals.  Make the summer months fun by responding with a thank you and gift card to a water park, carnival or bowling alley. The attention you pay to your clients over the summer months will resonate with them all year long.


Treat your valued customers to a summer family event.  Take them to a ball game, concert or poolside cookout.  When they leave, give them a gift bag with a personalized gift and bright colored brochure highlighting your new product line or upcoming sales. Remember to engage your clients on your social media accounts and be sure to tag them in event pictures and encourage them to like and follow your accounts.

Utilize any or all of these tips to make summer fun and boost sales.  Your customers will love it and so will you.

getGoing and start planning for summer.  Check back for more marketing nuggets from AlphaGraphicsGA.   Find out how we can help build your brand and your newsletter @678-405-4444


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