6-12 Blog: Women’s History Month

When I led Diversity and Inclusion work for my former employer, we made a collective, pretty big deal of Women’s History Month. Much planning went into an event featuring women leaders within the corporation. Messaging to employees spread the word about the company’s support for women. It was a commendable effort, and I was thrilled to drive it, albeit for a short time. I wondered, though, whether these symbolic gestures translated into the business depending on the stewardship of women at the highest levels of management. I’ll let you be the judge.

I now own two AlphaGraphics Centers, Dunwoody – Sandy Springs and Tri-Cities – Atlanta Airport. These are small businesses trying our collective hardest to bring quality marketing and visual communications services to our Clients. Our success depend in very significant measure to the work and dedication of four outstanding women.

Ella is our Production Coordinator in Sandy Springs. In June 2019, she decided to put her faith in my effort to open a brand new AlphaGraphics Center in Sandy Springs. She grew into AlphaGraphics with me, and has patiently guided others through that journey since. Maria joined ATW-Advertising That Works two years ago. She embraced the transition toward AlphaGraphics when I acquired ATW in August 2019, and recently agreed to take the reins of Production in East Point. These two women lead all production for the Centers and are directly responsible for the products what our Clients get every day.

Simonique is technically my longest-tenured employee, having joined ATW over 20 years ago. She is the heart and soul of our Blank Banners product line, fulfilling Clients’ orders seamlessly, including some large distributors. Finally, Sieglinde is the wife of the former owner. She kept his books, and has been just as dedicated to the financial health of my Center in East Point.

Yes, let’s celebrate Women’s History Month. I just do it every day because I am thankful these women’s tenacity, know-how, leadership and care make our Centers better every day.

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