6-12 Blog: Helping Schools Get Back in Session

I do not have kids. My husband and I tried many years ago to adopt but were not successful. So, we dote on our nieces and nephews. We do understand the awesome responsibility that parenting represents. We also appreciate the difficult choices parents are facing as this fall given the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schools public and private are struggling with whether and how to reopen safely for the students, teachers and administrators. We are far from being done with this virus, after all. We know that COVID-19 represents a serious health risk to elder adults and even to some children and young adults.
To minimize those risks, every individual in a school that chooses to open for the fall sessions must be reminded of some of the basic actions to take to minimize the spread of coronavirus, such as:

• Wearing a mask properly and consistently
• Maintaining distance in indoor classrooms set up with stations appropriately apart
• Washing hands thoroughly in the bathroom

We at AlphaGraphics Tri-Cities – Atlanta Airport can help a school or school district with these and other measures. We are making masks from soft vinyl that can be personalized with the school’s mascot to encourage the school spirit and hopefully encourage mask-wearing. We can produce floor stickers using pre-designed floor graphics in the school’s colors to remind students to stay six feet apart. We can print table tents and mirror stickers that can be placed in the student cafeterias and teachers’ lounges with reminders of steps persons can take to prevent the spread of infection.

As schools take tentative steps to resume onsite operations during these difficult times, we have solutions that can help them stop the spread of this illness.