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Direct Mail: A dying form of communication?

Direct mail advertising was once a staple of marketing. It was a surefire way to make sure thousands of people see your message right in their hands. As the industry became saturated so did “junk mail” and people paid less attention to what was coming in the mail. But direct mail is making a come back with the rise of spamy email blasts. It just too easy for someone to hit “delete”. Therefore, we are seeing a huge comeback in direct mail marketing.

There are many statistics to back this up, including these from DMR…

  • 92% of millennial shoppers say they prefer mail for making purchasing decisions
  • 56% of consumers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy
  • 39% of consumers have tried a business for the first time because of a mail piece

Pretty amazing, huh? Direct Mail can be a pretty powerful tool when it is used properly. There are so many aspects to direct mail that can help build your business. From tracking mailing pieces to adding an automatic follow up email, or a QR for the recipient to automatically jump on your website, the possibilities are endless. There are also some pretty cool design and production elements that can make your mail “pop” among everything else in the mailbox.

Here at AlphaGraphics, we are here to help make your mailing project amazing. We have a mailing specialist on location who can help you create an effective direct mailing piece from start to finish. We also have the tools to make your finished product stand out in the crowd, including speciality inks, papers and folds to help your piece get the response to build your business.

Don’t have a customer list to base your campaign on? No problem! We have various ways to obtain lists based on demographics at an affordable cost. We also over Every Door Direct mailing service which can reach potential customers by designating a specific location.


Direct Mail

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