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Four Pro-Tips for Distributing your Brochures and Flyers

Four Pro-Tips for Distributing your Brochures and Flyers-1You’ve taken the time, you’ve spent the money, you’ve got some great marketing materials. Now, you’re faced with a big question: What is the best way to distribute brochures and flyers to get your marketing message to your intended customer? We’ve got four tips to get you started!

We’ve got four tips to get you started!
How to distribute brochures and flyers effectively:
  • Follow the customer’s eye

How could you effectively engage in-store customers with these new materials?

Imagine a person entering your store for the first time. Where do their eyes naturally go? Is there a front counter or waiting area with empty/visible surfaces? What about the walls, windows, or doors around the office?

Wherever you decide to place brochures and flyers within your space, be conscious of how it looks. If your brochures occupy prime counter space, are they stacked neatly and within reach? If you put up posters, are they at eye level? To see this process in action, come visit our store. We’ll be happy to show you around.

  • Be where the people are

Begin by asking yourself basic questions about your community: Where do people congregate? For posters: Where are the community boards, the coffee shop windows, the gyms with glass doors? For brochures: What about waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, and restaurant counters?

Are there other unique places to distribute brochures and flyers that draw your target audience in your area?

Use these questions while you’re on or off the clock to help you stay on the lookout for great places to reach potential customers. Since each business has different policies about community advertising, be sure to always ask the persons in charge for permission before placing your information in their store.

Four Pro-Tips for Distributing your Brochures and Flyers-2

  • Make it a mailer

Why not take your brochures or flyers right to your customer’s doorstep? Let USPS distribute brochures for your company! A mail campaign puts your information in direct contact with the customer while in their own home. We know what you’re thinking: aren’t mail campaigns expensive? Not necessarily! Keep in mind there are two basic types of direct mail: traditional and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

If you have a specific list of customers you are trying to reach with your information, then the traditional method can often work best. If you don’t know who your target audience is for a campaign, but you have a specific zip-code or neighborhood in mind, EDDM works great!

When it comes to preparing the best direct-mail marketing strategy, we consider ourselves experts. Ask us about direct-mail today!

  • Encourage referrals

While being our last tip, it may be the easiest to follow: ask your customers to spread the word for you! Physically handing your customers a few brochures or flyers to pass out can have numerous benefits: First, by asking your customer for their help, you’re helping create a bond between them and your business. Second, your customer can reach people who otherwise may never see your flyer or brochure. Third, depending on the information, you may actually inform your customer about services and products which they weren’t even aware of! Always keep in mind that some customers may not be comfortable with this strategy. However, if their experience with your company has been a good one, it never hurts to ask.

So there you have it, four basic ways to make the most of your print marketing materials. Contact Alphagraphics STL today for help!

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