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4 Reasons to Invest in Promotional Items!

4 Reasons to Invest in Promotional Items!-1During the month of May, Alphagraphics STL will be spreading the word about promotional products we offer your business. We are proud to announce we now offer over 400 items at under $1.00, including pens, koozies, stress relievers and much more!

Sometimes, we get asked “why should I invest in promotional products?”

Our short answer is: because they work.

We’ve got 4 basic reasons why any company, large or small should consider marketing with promotional products!

First, Increased brand recognition and loyalty

See the brand, acknowledge the brand. See the brand often, get to know the brand. Get used to the brand, trust the brand.

This is why it is great to give out promotional products that customers will use, like fridge magnets, pens, notepads, even floss kits!

Second, Huge and diverse potential outreach

Because promotional items are usually common items for an office or household, don’t be surprised if your customers don’t keep them forever. Rather, one branded pen might make the rounds to a few offices your business would’ve never reached otherwise. The possibilities of substantial outreach are endless through strategic promo items!

Third, Inexpensive but engaging

The best thing about promotional products is that they are often very affordable! For example, You can often buy high-quality, branded pens or office supplies for under 25 cents per item.

What’s better is: when you’ve given your customer a physical item they can use, you are creating a tactile relationship with the customer that goes one sense beyond just seeing an ad or a business card.

Finally, Increased morale

One aspect of investing in promotional “swag” is being able to pass the goods on to your employees. Who knows how many Alphagraphics mugs are floating around our office as you read this blog…

When employees are able to see the brand in action, it can encourage them to feel like part of a team and it can inspire them to work hard to reflect well on the brand. Good teams, and good companies are made of this type of emotional investment!

Contact Alphagraphics STL today about what we offer. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll find even more reasons to love promotional products!

AG Staff Writers

Posted by AG Staff Writers