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School Supplies for North City Tutoring!

  We’re collecting school supplies for North City elementary school students.

School Supplies for North City Tutoring!-1

Mentoring students towards success.

Across from the vacant Mark Twain Elementary School building, North City Church is making a lasting impact on the neighborhood’s youth. The program empowers local kids to succeed in school and in life through one-to-one tutoring during the school year, and a variety of programs in the summer months.

Success requires positive role models to encourage good decision making and to inspire the perseverance necessary to overcome obstacles.

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Providing supplies for the school year.

The North City Tutoring Program provides such mentoring, as well as fills the tangible need for basic school supplies each year. As the students prepare for the start of school, they are invited to gather required school supplies from the free “store”. Access to the store is granted based on good behavior during the summer programs to motivate students towards self-discipline. As a result, students learn the inherent value of education.

The program runs weekly, and includes a healthy meal before the tutoring begins. Tutors encourage, students to read books out of the program library, “shop” for Christmas gifts in the free store, and grow in their faith. These efforts provide the structure needed for students to have an opportunity to improve their future in adulthood in a neighborhood which has long been in decline.

This August, Alphagraphics has committed to supporting this important work by collecting new school supplies to stock the free store.

School Supplies Needed:


Pencil boxes

Mechanical pencils






Colored pencils


Would you join with us in this effort?


Please bring any extra school supplies to the Alphagraphics Center at:

926 South Highway Dr.

St. Louis, MO 63026


We will take the school supplies to North City on September 1, 2017.

Please help us spread the word by sharing on social media!


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