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Staff Highlight: Trust the Print Guy


This summer, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of print marketing to a company’s success. This week, we take a personal look at the subject.

We live in a time where trust is important. When it comes to marketing your business, you want to work with people you can trust. At Alphagraphics, there’s no one we trust more with printing than Eric Warwick, our head of print operations.

Eric got started in the print industry early. In fact, his first printing job was an internship at a shop across the street from his high school. Here, Eric was able to discover his passion, while earning the class credit that kept his grades up.

Eric tells the story of learning from his first industry mentor: a press operator who was colorblind. This interesting situation gave Eric an opportunity to train his eye for color, a unique skill he uses every day. In fact, we are regularly ‘wowed’ by Eric’s ability to spot nuance and precision in matching colors for a customer’s needs.

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During his early years, Eric also worked extensively in newspaper printing, where he learned customer service, bindery and copying. This experience is what makes Eric our shop’s ‘Master of Production’ and #1 problem-solver.

Eric first came to work for Alphagraphics in the 1990’s, though he has worked at multiple print shops over the years (including one that he owned). AG St. Louis was lucky to bring Eric on in the early 2000’s. In this labor intensive industry, it’s great to have a pressman that remains passionate about his work.

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If you ask Eric about his favorite print marketing project, he’ll give you several examples, based on how special or challenging a job was. He really enjoys working with customers who value high-quality design-work. The College School is a prime example of a customer Eric enjoys, as their designs are always simple but always look great in print.

It’s true that Eric has worked with a lot of great customers over the years, and it’s part of what makes the job rewarding, even when the projects are hard. Eric’s can-do attitude and “trial and error” strategy make him a key reason to work with Alphagraphics on any print job.

When not working, Eric is the quintessential family-man. He loves the outdoors (especially fishing and camping) and hanging out with his kids. If you ever get to meet him, he will be happy to shoot the breeze about hockey, rock music, food and his family. It’s nice to have someone so talented also be so down-to-earth.

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