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Category: Augmented Reality

Can you print augmented reality?

Augmented Reality in Print

As a print and marketing company, we’ve had our share of interesting questions from clients.  Recently, we had a client ask, “Can your press print augmented the reality?”

Well, yes, sort of.

The question gave us a chuckle because augmented reality isn’t something you print, but rather a way of enhancing printed material.  Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated content on top of the “real” world.  It’s a way to take printed material to another level by embedding links, videos and other content onto anything – from business cards to catalogs to large banners.  If it prints, augmented reality can be applied.

Imagine handing a client a business card which, when scanned by a smart device, automatically opens your Linked In page.  Or having a client open a catalog, scan a page, then see a video about a product and be presented with an active “Purchase Now” button.

Any printed material can hold multiple invisible yet powerful links with distinct opportunities to engage an audience.

Are you using augmented reality to promote your business?

Want to see how it works?  Download our AR marketing piece and scan with the Layar app (available for Android and Apple devices).