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Get Ready for the Holidays: 5 Things Your Business Can Do Now

Get ready for the holidaysIt might still feel like summer where you live, but the start of the holiday season is only a few weeks away.  The key to having a successful and stress-free season is planning ahead. Working through the details of what you’ll need in the upcoming season can keep the “Grinch-y-ness” at bay.

As you start to think through your business initiatives for the holidays, determine how you’ll want to show appreciation to your loyal clients and also your valued employees.  Here are a few things to consider.

1. Order Your Promotional Products Early

Branded promotional productsPromo gifts are a holiday season staple. Custom, branded gifts are great ways to thank special customers.  Clients will be reminded of your company each time they use a product branded with your info.  The large variety of promotional products available means there’s sure to be something to fit any budget or industry.  There have been supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s more important than ever to over early.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Employees

The past two years have demanded a lot of flexibility and perseverance from your employees. The holiday season is a good time to show appreciation for their hard work.  Customized products can help boost moral and build pride in your brand while showing your employees that your value their contributions.

3. Send Out Seasonal Greetings

Holiday CardsHoliday cards are a beloved tradition that helps strengthen relationships with clients, partners, and vendors. Custom cards created with special inks, contour cutting, or foil embossing can ensure your cards stand out.

Cards can be customized with photos of your business or employees.  Cards can also be designed to reflect your industry, geographic region, or local flair.  A little creativity and a great design can leave a lasting impression.

4. Prepare for Holiday Promotions

If your business relies heavily on the holiday season for a large percentage of annual sales, now is the time to brainstorm ways to get customers in the door or to your website.  Promotions are always great ways to motivate consumers.

Planning your promotions in advance allows time to explore ways to link printed pieces (flyers, point-of-purchase signs, mailers, etc.) with digital marketing.  As more people shop online, making it easier for customers to find you online becomes imperative.  Consider things like QR codes linking to specific products or services on your website.  Remember, print and digital can work together to drive business both online and at your brick-and-mortar location.

5. Deck Your Halls

Get festive! Create a holiday atmosphere that will energize employees and excite customers.  Removeable window and wall graphics are great options for turning your business into a winter wonderland. Branded holiday signage can also reinforce the festive mood and promote your services.

Get Professional Help

The holidays can be stressful.  AlphaGraphics Franklin can remove some of the pressure by helping you plan for the season.  Our team is ready to assist with:

  • Holiday Card design & printing (we can even address & mail your cards!)
  • Promotional product selection & design
  • Seasonal marketing campaigns (both digital and print)
  • Holiday Signage design, printing & installation

Don’t let the holiday season creep up on you or steal your joy. AlphaGraphics Franklin is ready to help you make the most of the season without the bah-humbug.

The Resurgence of QR Codes

The Resurgence of QR Codes

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic collapse disrupted business.  Large and small companies struggled to find ways to connect, communicate, and serve their clients.  Apps like Zoom and ecommerce platforms like GrubHub and Postmates helped many businesses stay alive.

Use of QR Codes increased during COVID-19 quarantines

While newer technology may have grabbed the spotlight, a bit of throwback tech from the early 2000s steadily made a comeback.  The innocuous QR code started popping up again for a variety of uses.  Short for Quick Response code, this little square of code was introduced in the late 1990s to provide more information than a traditional bar code.    First used in manufacturing, it slowly spread to other applications but never really got much traction.  Until recently.

Download the CCC Report

Download the Report

As smartphone cameras and technology improved, the QR code became easier to access. Without the necessity for special apps, those little blocks became easier to read, making it possible to quickly link consumers to online sites like product videos, menus, signup forms, and more.  In fact, when the Connected Commerce Council conducted a survey in 2020, 76% of U.S. small businesses indicated that they relied more on digital tools and software than before the COVID-19 crisis and economic downturn.

QR can be used in new ways

QR codes provide another way to connect to consumers for a variety of purposes.  Just recently, PayPal announced payment processing through their platform using a Scan/Pay QR code.  As more people worked remotely during quarantines, some WiFi providers began using QR codes as a way for users to easily scan for access without requiring them to type in lengthy domain names and passwords.

As retailers and other businesses begin reopening post-pandemic, many rely more frequently on QR codes to continue to connect, communicate, and educate consumers.  QR codes are great ways to encourage online engagement, to provide additional product information or to suggest related products.  Cross-selling and upselling using QR codes can be an extremely effective way to increase sales without high-pressure selling.

Uses for QR Codes

  • Point of Purchase Signs
  • Product Packaging
  • Catalogs & Sales Sheets
  • Rack Cards & Handouts
  • Posters & Banners
  • Menus & Mailers

QR Codes don’t have to be boring

As QR codes evolve, they no longer need to be the simple black and white block we’ve grown accustomed to.  Designers who know the QR code “rules” can create unique codes that will get noticed.

QR codes continue to demonstrate their utility.  As their popularity grows so will their impact.  Far from being a novelty, QR codes will become an expectation of consumers and a way for businesses to augment their sales and marketing efforts.

AlphaGraphics Franklin has a team of design and marketing professionals who can help any business find creative and effective ways to use QR codes.