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EDDM: It Can Help Your Business Develop, Let Me Tell You How

EDDM: The Basics Are A Breeze

Every Door Direct Mail is the best way to send out your direct mail cards at a cheaper than normal postage rate. It will go to the homes of people via carrier routes choices you make through the USPS (Postage is 16 cents a piece). This really is great if your planning on targeting a homogenous demographic.

What are some of the first steps you need to take? I would start with some of the questions below:

  • In what areas are most of my customers?
  • What are the characteristics of my customers? (Age, Gender, Etc..)
  • How much do I plan on spending?
  • What kind of response rate am I looking for?
  • What should my incentive be?

As soon as your have answered an array of questions like this, your campaign will be off to a good start. If you go to the USPS’s route search you can find the total expense of your postage.

Step number two would be to do research on a place to print your stuff. Google is always a good resource to find companies or take a visit to your local print shop (like us!) and they should be able to help you out.

There are certain rules that need to followed for your campaign to be accepted by the USPS:

  • The dimensions need to be between 6.125” in height or 11.5” in width
  • Your mailer must have an indicia (ecrwss)
  • The writing and pictures have to be in the same direction
  • Your cards have to be bundles in a set of 50 or 100
  • All the routes will need a paper showing the information for it (how many bundles & the name of the route)

How Do You Know Your Campaign Is Doing Well?

Know how well your campaign does is important, or else you might just be throwing your money away. You can do a couple of things to know how well it’s doing. A tracking number can be put on your mailer, so you know who calls from it. From this data you’ll know who you close with, giving you the ROI information. Finding a tracking number is a easy as Googling it. One other thing you can do is add a coupon. From all the coupons that are brought back to you, you’ll have a count of the number of people that used your mailer. The most traditional way you can do keep track though is just your customers how they heard about you.



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