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Business Cards: Make Your First Impression Last

How to make your first impression last with your business card in three easy steps: 

You give your business card out all the time. It’s the first thing you do when you are networking with your fellow peers at a conference, event, business meeting etc.. But how much thought have you put into making your business card look as good as it can? The saying is true. Your first impression is the most important. Your business card can help you make the right first impression!

Step 1:

If you’re designing your own business card, it’s time to let someone else take the helm unless you’re a professional designer. Something you make in word or publisher with nothing but your name, address and phone is boring! Letting a professional designer make your business card will make a huge difference. They can professionally layout and create your card in a creative way. It’ll show the next time your print as well because your card will have been made ready to print. If you’ve ever had frustrating back and forth with your printer because the file you made wasn’t ready because of bleed or something else that can be all eliminated.

Step 2:

Pick the right paper stock. In our experience a thicker paper is better paper. It presents a good quality paper that you don’t find going to a place like Fedex Kinko’s that usually uses a thinner type. Something that is thick is more durable as well for the people you give it to and for when you hang on to it.

Step 3:

Consider your finishing options. You can make your business card have raised ink! Giving it a textured feel. You can have your business card foil stamped! Which will make certain parts of it have foil stamped on, shining brilliantly. Or you can even have your card UV coated which will give it a clear shine when you hand it out. The point is there are options at your disposal to help make you stand out. Talk to your local printer and find out what is possible. Taking the time to research what you want and what fits with your company can make all the difference in the world!


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