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What you need to know about Banners

Your business has probably needed a banner sign at some point. Maybe you were having a grand opening. Or maybe you were hosting an event and you needed an easy way for people to see its location. Either way, there are several things you should know about banners before making your decision to get one.

  1. Make sure you consider where your banner will be hung. If your banner is going to be hanging outdoors and have to deal with the weather. You’ll need an outdoor vinyl that deal with nature’s worst. If it’s indoors, there are some vinyl that are made to reduce light refraction if the inside has a lot of lighting. Knowing what’s appropriate could be the difference of saving yourself hundreds of dollars.
  2. You would be surprised how many different ways your sign can be made and for what purpose it could be used. There are signs that can be made for the desktop from being a couple of inches small, to as large as a football stadium being hundreds of feet wide. A quick Google search or consultation with your local Alphagraphics print shop and you might find a new type of banner that can better suit your purpose.
  3. Hire a professional do to your design. Nothing is worse than seeing just a plain text sign as you drive by on the street. They’re boring. If you want people to pay attention and get a better impression of what you’re showing to the world than make sure you take the time to make it that way. A good design could be the difference of whether your banner is successful or not.

The world of signage is a big one. Most people need help going through it to make sure the signs they do don’t come out looking like something they don’t want or need. Take the time to arm yourself with some basic knowledge and you can make some great signage for yourself!


Posted by admin_us737