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Dimensional Mailers with AG TV

The team at Alphagraphics Fort Collins | Loveland and Greeley share some very unique options available for direct mail and dimensional mailers.

Dimensional mailers are high-impact direct mail pieces that are tangible, visual and instantly catch attention.  They offer a unique alternative to traditional mail pieces that might otherwise be tossed or classified as junk mail.

Dimensional mailers are great for the following uses:
>Launch a new product or service
>Announce big news
>Grand openings
>Unique event invitations

Some examples that AlphaGraphics can provide include:
>CD Case calendar
>Every Door Direct Mailer – a cost-effective and over-sized mail piece
>Gift card holder
>IPad that mails itself
>Variable map and tear-away pieces to direct a guest right to your location from their home
>Dimensional box with a gift inside

When deciding on a dimensional mail campaign  it is important to keep the following tips and benefits in mind:
>Most importantly,  you need a clean list.  AlphaGraphics can help you develop a list or help you clean an existing list for effective follow-up.
>Include a call to action with incentives to learn more about your event or offer.
>Offer a personalized URL or PURL.  This allows the recipient to visit a customized URL that has been created just for them to act on your request.
>The cost is higher than traditional mail pieces, but it cuts through the clutter and your response rate will likely be much higher.
>Use rich imagery as much as possible.  This will provide an even higher level of attention versus a campaign full of text.

For more information, contact Kylene Baker at or talk to her in real life at (970) 356-0606.




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