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Marketing for non-profits

This is always a difficult scenario. They need marketing materials and digital exposure as much as anyone, but they often feel using charitable dollars on ” marketing” might not exemplify the best stewardship, but on the contrary. Church’s and non-profits need as many ” customers / donors ” as any business. When trying to decide how much to spend or if you need to spend the dollars as a non-profit, seek out those who can help by giving you brokerage pricing but also keep in mind, you want the dollars you spend to be a good return. I recently spoke with a non-profit who prints their own materials in house on a standard personal printer. While the printer itself was inexpensive the ink cartridges were $40 – $60 each. Looking back at paper and ink and the quality, was it really cost saving and did the materials you printed reach the donors? I think looking for partnerships with for profit businesses who can partner with you to get your message out is a good way to go. An example might be for a “for profit” business to host a community event to raise money or awareness. They foot the bill of the printing and advertising of the event but you get the benefits of the fund raising or awareness campaign. They get their name out there and can very often write off that marketing expense.  A little brainstorming with local business owners goes a long way.


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