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Who would have thought?




From the heart.

Today, March 24, marks our second week really since major changes to our way of life began. Despite being on LinkedIn frequently, working to educate myself and promote my small business, I didn’t realize what a disruption Covid-19 was going to be to my staff and our families. I had worked out a great marketing plan with my team and we were prepared for this quarter, better than we’ve had since I’ve been in business. January and February were slightly slower than last year, but I attributed that to a push 4th quarter and a big push in December to get all of our work out. There is so much to be aware of as a small business owner and just as I thought I was getting my arms around it, it has started to slip away. I don’t have lots of money in the bank. Having on only been in business a few years, its been a tough first 4. We bought a great business, thinking existing would be the best way to go rather than start-up and although good, it was at the 20 year mark and we spent much of the first three years getting things up to date (software and computers to accommodate more technology offerings and more print and digital integration). Twenty year old machines were ready to bite the bullet and had been carefully maintained to the very end of life. We replaced what we had to, but have really gotten to the point of trying to maximize what we have for the next year before making any further changes. We had finally right sized our staff and thought we were well on our way to this year being our year. These are moments of reflection. What else could I have done to prepare for this over the past three years. Really, not a lot. I needed the people I have. I merely replaced what was broken..or did I? Were there things I would have done differently. As I try to prepare for the next few weeks or months, what can I do to weather this storm with my employees and not without them. Government loans and grants sound great but unless you are a small business reading the fine print, that’s not necessarily the answer. You still have to be able to make it for weeks without assistance. These are thoughts for today…we’ll see where we are tomorrow. One day at a time. Right now, I am thinking about my great team, my family and our many great clients going through similar situations. Safety, both financially and as it relates to health.

What are the next steps?
How can I maintain a positive attitude for them?
When is enough…. really enough?

Who are the customers who might still need us?
Focus on finding a creative way to maintain rather than giving up.
What can we do to help in our community?

This reflection brings a verse to mind.
Proverbs 27:1 Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.


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