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Poster Printing 101

Poster Printing 101 – AlphaGraphics

We all love posters. Band posters and handbills probably adorned your dorm room in college.  Today posters fill our lives with information everywhere we go.  While few posters become well-known and iconic, posters are still one of the most tested and true forms of visual print marketing available to businesses.

When deciding how to properly print a poster with AlphaGraphics Kansas City, there are several items to consider.  There is much more that goes into printing a poster than simply picking a picture adding some text and having it printed.  Use the tips below to help set-up with your next poster project!

Poster Printing 101


1) Know your limitations.

Before you decide to print a poster, you should know where it is going to go and how you are going to use it. Think strategically when creating your plan. Where will it get the most visibility? Where will your customers or potential customers see the poster? How many locations will the poster be used?

From there, you can determine what goes information goes on the poster, how many you are going to need and just how big each poster is going to be.  Depending on your strategy, there is often more than one poster option that will meet your needs.  Sizes and formats are variable with posters, so you should know what you are looking for before you consider the cost

2) Choose Your Design

Your first design decision will be black and white or color printing?  At AlphaGraphics KC we offer both options. It is up to you to decide which best meet the needs of your event or goal. Depending on your marketing goal, a black and white poster can be just as effective –if not more effective–than a color print.  Don’t know which option to use?  Your AlphaGraphics representative would be happy to help make a suggestion based on your needs.

The next step is deciding the shape and size of your poster.  Here are some of the more popular options or feel free to create your own!  If you are using a frame or other display system, be sure to check the dimensions.

  • 6″ x 4″           (Handbill)
  • 8.5 x 11         (Flyer)
  • 12 X 18″        (Flyer)
  • 18″ x 24″       (Poster)
  • 24″ X 36″      (Poster)
  • 104″ by 30′   (Banner)

Finally it’s time to start choosing the graphic and textual elements of your design.  All of the posters could have the same picture/graphic on the front, or all could have different graphics.  You’re also not limited in the textual content.  If you need to change you’re message because of location, don’t limit your design!

3) Select the SubstratePoster Printer 101 - Take The Crown

Once you have made it this far, now it is time to choose which kind of paper or stock you would like the posters to be printed on.  There are a variety of paper stocks from single use disposable options to thicker, more durable options that have a more regal and professional feel and weight.  And don’t forget the adhesive options that can go straight on the wall or floor.  Your budget and final usage will help in deciding the best option, but we have many affordable options that are equally desirable.

4) To mount or not to mount? And what about lamination!
Your poster is printed, now it’s time to choose the best finishing options.  If you are going to staple the poster to a power line or frame it, then you won’t need your poster mounted.  But if you’re using the poster to display in a formal setting or in a high traffic area you might want to finish it with a ridged backer and even lamination.  How you intend to display your poster is a big part of what you print it on and how it is finished.

Lamination comes in all kinds of flavors.  High gloss, matte and even dry erase are all options.  Knowing the purpose of your poster will determine how you want it finished.

5) Get a quote.
Now that you know what you’ve got planned call and get a quote.  Let your printer know what options you are interested in and ask them if they have any recommendations based on your usage.  AlphaGraphics Kansas City has simple solutions for everything from small posters to huge banners.

6) Maximize Your Poster.

Let’s Print! At AlphaGraphics, it is our goal to help you increase your reach through a poster or other print-related services.  Our Relationship Managers are experts in making sure you get the product you want on time and on budget.  And if your not quite sure what you want we can help with that too!  We love a good challenge and can help you determine the best way to achieve your vision.

Contact AlphaGraphics Kansas City for more information at 816-842-4200.


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