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How to use posters to promote any brand

Every brand or company can use posters. They are an easy way to display information on a grand scale. Posters are great for info graphics and imagery paired with a call to action. People who will view the posters are already actively engaging in their environment. Strategically place them where you know they will be seen by those who will respond to your call to action. If you want to promote an event, place them in hotels or restaurants near the venue.

Events………think of how many people attend different events in your community! Use this as an opportunity to put up some posters and let them do the rest of the work. They are a great tool to get exposure without a ton of effort, or money.

There is no standard size for poster printing. Have fun with the design and make it something people will stop and look at.

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Bonnie Rosselli

Posted by Bonnie Rosselli