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Take your printed materials to the next level







Despite some who believe digital marketing will be the dominant sales vehicle of the future, don’t write off ink and paper just yet.

Spreading your trademark and reputation through replication of visually stunning printed materials is a time-honored form of marketing.

And here’s the scoop: Printed marketing materials are still near and dear to business owners and will continue to be so for a long time to come.

Many people enjoy turning the page of a marketing presentation emblazoned with stunning, eye-catching graphics. That’s why it’s no surprise 3-D marketing is popping up in more presentation folders and business cards. It’s also an eye-catching element in a variety of printed items.

Picture this: What if you whipped out your smartphone and aimed it at an object you just came across — like a hotel marketing brochure — and that full-color presentation folder suddenly came to life? Consider for a moment that we’re actually entering a whole new world in marketing with the marriage of print and digital graphics as augmented reality pops up in more places.

Sure, social media is an important aspect to marketing, but printed materials still remain top-of-mind for the majority of business owners. And combining the two has never been easier with innovations like QR Codes.

Are you putting the power of geometric replication to work in your business by incorporating “smart” graphics like QR codes into your printed materials? Make those posters, business reports and year-end summaries come to life.


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