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Why use ePublications?

What are ePublications?Why use ePublications?-1

ePublications are reader-friendly and attractive digital documents, brochures, catalogs, magazines etc., that are published in a multi-media format, often resembling a physical binded magazine with interactive features and pages that flip. ePublications are typically published on websites and can be viewed on mobile devices.

Why use ePublications?

Save costs – printed publications and documents are costly (the cost of paper, printing and postage)

Impress readers – an online, digital magazine with interactive features will impress readers as it is contemporary, easy and will enable them to quickly explore further via for example links in the magazine

Rich media – intrigue readers via Video, Flash and YouTube, making them spend more time reading your ePublication

Green – reduce your carbon foot print by only publishing digitally

Marketing & Communication Departments

• Marketing tool to easily put all your publications online

• Inhouse your online publications

• Communicate directly with your customers

• Create your own microsites and campaigns

• Lead generation – generate leads by inserting forms within your publications

• Build customer loyalty – keep them up dated with latest news and new products/services.

• Integrate your social media

• Generate awareness about your business

• Strengthen your corporate identity and increase brand awareness

• Increase web traffic to your website

• Avoid dependency on agencies to create your online publications

Ad & Web Agencies

• White label solution for servicing your own customers

• Your own branding

• Create your own business

• Create impressive interactive online publications

• Use your own branding

• Short term/high ROI

• Communicate with your customers – push custom messages for them within the software

• Create impressive microsites and campaigns for your customers

• Total creative freedom – insert all types of Rich Media and insert it on different layers

• Take advantage of the benefits of online media with limited online skills


• Dramatically increase online circulation and reader loyalty

• Create interactive publications that engage your readers

• Increase advertiser value with dynamic ads and direct links

• Cut costs on print and distribution

• Integrate your social media

• Track readers from the online statistics module

• Interact with your readers by inserting live flash elements

• Unlimited publishing

• Reach new readers on mobile devices

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