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An Interview with Our Large Format Expert

An Interview with Our Large Format Expert, Dawn Spiker

Did you know Alphagraphics offers enhanced large format printing?

What is enhanced large format printing?

We do offer the standard oversized posters, banners, and vehicle signage like other vendors, but did you know Alphagraphics also offers three dimensional type signage. Your message can be printed on a variety of materials such as glass, plexiglass, wood, pvc, and more, assembled in a truly creative three dimensional way. These would be appropriate for trade show displays, point of sale displays, and the like

Alphagraphics Production Manager, Dawn Spiker is the expert behind all large format projects and helps find creative ways to support the vision of the requests, challenges, and inspiration brought to us by our customers.

Here’s a short Q& A with her about her experience in large format printing.

How long have you been in large format printing?

“13 years.”

What are some of the changes you’ve seen in large format printing over the years?

“In the beginning it was pretty much flat signage, oversized poster, banners, vehicle wraps on paper or vinyl mainly. Now it’s evolved to printing on glass, plexiglass, pvc, aluminum and steel. We’ve also seen improvement in turnaround times, adhesives, inks and longevity. Previously an outdoor sign would last 12 months. Now with new inks and improved UV protection many signs and displays can last 24 -36 months depending on conditions. Color brightness has also improved greatly as new inks are constantly being developed.”

What about price?

“Price points have come down drastically over time as more vendors have moved into the market. There are a lot of small signage companies now that offer low end products and services. A good large format printer can create just about anything the client has in mind.”

 What would the creative process be?

“I always say don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Come to us with your concept. We’ve done some truly original pieces using many different materials and techniques. Don’t think it can’t be done. Tell us your vision and we’ll figure out a way to achieve it. Sometimes it may require carpentry or metal working skills to create the desired effect. We have installers that have these skills and I do many installations myself.”

Contact us today with your concept. We can make it a reality!

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