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Project Spotlight: Tommy O’s Playhouse

We knew it was coming in but even so …. 1500 playbills, 28 pages, b&w plus full color cover and center spread, glossy text, collated, saddle stitched, face trimmed, and shipped out – within 48 hours??? Tommy O’ Playhouse is one day away via UPS and…. well, you gotta have playbills for opening night, right?

Ten years ago this turnaround time would’ve been impossible but what a feat and treat it is to accommodate this schedule and produce such a first rate product. Our indigo Press is made for these type of projects- offset quality, minimal waste, and fast turnaround equals happy customer and on time delivery.

Madison Printing Playbill

To all our friends at Tommy O’s Playhouse in Hazelhurst Wisconsin- thank you for the trust you place in Alphagraphics Madison and … “Break  a Leg”!!!


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