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Why does AlphaGraphics Madison still do offset printing?

In the print world, no two jobs (or at least very few!) are the same. Timing, quantity, quality, price, size, color(s), paper stock, bindery specifications, etc. etc. etc. all contribute to the ultimate question – digital or offset?

Essentially, each project that comes into our shop is quickly analyzed and scheduled by our team. Need your full color postcards printed and  mailed by the end of today? Your poster by 2:00? Your spiral bound booklets first thing in the morning? Business cards for that unexpected meeting tomorrow afternoon? These are no brainers…fast = digital.

But what about that two color business package that consists of letterhead, #10 and 9 x12 envelopes, labels, business cards, and note cards? Or 5,000 3-part applications and invoices? The die cut invitations with metallic ink? The 8,000 full color 24 x 27 maps? Or the 25,000 4/4 trifold brochures? Well … you get the idea, some things have to be done “the old fashioned” way- with real ink and printed on our offset presses.

Maddison Offset Printing

The blend of the digital and offset worlds makes our business fun, challenging, and diverse. And while we continue to adapt to the demands of the world around us, it clear to us that our Heidleberg presses will be chugging along for quite some time!


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