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Winner of the “World’s Ugliest Color” Goes To…

Congratulations Pantone 448 C, the people have spoken and you are now the ugliest color in the world!

The Australian government has passed a new “plain packaging” law for all tobacco-related products in the country, basically taking away any sort of advertising appeal for the sale of those products.  To discourage smoking and to maximize the un-appeal of the habit, researchers have found that this green-brown shade is the most off-putting color to display alongside newly mandated health warnings on tobacco product packaging.  With single word associations including “dirty” and “tar” and even “death” its no wonder Pantone 448 C was the obvious choice as the most bland and polarizing color.  Other countries around the world have started to adapt this drab dark brown color for their own “plain packaging” efforts, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France.

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