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Go LARGE! – Signs, Posters and Banners

Signs, Banners and Posters in Mesa ArizonaDo you think a sign will help you make a decision whether to visit a business or not? Recent studies have shown that many people are significantly influenced by the signs that they see and the number of signs displayed by a business. Here are some statistics from that study.

76% entered a business based sole upon a sign
75% told someone about the business based upon a sign
68% actually bought a product because of what they saw on a sign
51% looked the business up online when they got home to research the business

This same study recommends that the number of signs that are optimal for a business is between two and three signs.

Signs are big now. In the past, the cost to produce a sign was very high because of the manual labor to make the sign. Technology now allows a printer, such as Alphagraphics, the ability to produce a sign, banner or poster quickly and inexpensively. For specialty signs and banners, we have relationships with trade vendors that allow us to provide all types of signs and banner stands.

Here are some of the projects we have done recently for our customers:

A-Frames for sidewalks
Building banners, both inside and outside
Printed wallpaper, including installation
Car and vehicle wraps, including installation
Window decals and clings
Video and photo backdrops
Directional and information posters
Corrugated signs for real estate and golf tournaments
Feather banners made of cloth
Vinyl lettering for windows
Printed tablecloth coverings
Tradeshow signs and stands

Here are some things to consider when designing a sign, poster or banner:

Location is important. Analyze your customer traffic patterns and design and place your signs where they will get the greatest exposure to your customers and prospects.

Simple is better. Use a lot of white space so that your message can be seen quickly and precisely.
Use images to stand out. Images will catch the attention of the person. Use an eye-catching image for best results.

Go three dimensional if possible. If a sign can be seen from different angles, it will reap more results.

Bold is better. Use bold colors that match your overall brand to attract the eye and stand out in the crowd.

Please give one of our staff members to discuss how we can make a sign, banner or poster work for you.


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