8 Eye-Opening Business Signage Stats You Need to Know

Any smart business owner knows that it takes more than just a great product or model to operate a successful company. The true driver of success is sales, and sales stem from good advertising and branding. Focusing on these core competencies is a fundamental way to drive business that grows your bottom line, which in turn results in success.

The cornerstone of every successful brick and mortar brand is a great piece of store signage. Business signage is important for so many reasons—namely because it sets the tone for your storefront, creates brand association, attracts attention, and serves as an informative tool. There’s an immense amount of importance placed on your business’ signage.

Let’s take a look at 8 truly eye-opening figures that illustrate just how integral business signage is to store success. Keep these facts in mind the next time you’re looking up at your own business’ sign:

  1. When surveyed, exactly 50% of in-store shoppers named “on-premise signage” as the reason for their visit. Simply put, it means they saw the sign and decided to stop in! Your sign could result in half of your store’s foot traffic on any given day.
  2. Studies show that good signage directly boosts a business’ profits. Monument signage can drive sales by 9.3%, pole signage can add up to 15.6% to your bottom line and larger storefront signage may boost sales by up to 7.7%.
  3. The average storefront sign is seen 50-60 times per month by anyone living within 5 miles of your location. This could be responsible for as much as 85% of your monthly walk-in sales!
  4. Business signage is your foremost advertising tool. Seeing a sign is far and away the biggest reason customers know your business even exists. 35% of shoppers surveyed cited a sign as the reason for knowing about a local business.
  5. It’s estimated that a good business sign is as effective as 24 full-page newspaper ads. Consider this comparison in a cost sense and you’ll get an idea of just how powerful on-premise business signage can be!
  6. Looking for new customers? About 12%of people move each year, which means you have an annual opportunity to capture a portion of these people as new customers via attractive storefront signage.
  7. If you think your signage needs an upgrade, you might be right. One study showed positive increases in business after changing the design or enhancing the visibility of signage. This includes boosts in overall sales, transactions, and profits, with an average increase of about 10% across the board.
  8. Finally, let’s not forget that your investment in good storefront signage is one that will provide 24/7/365 benefits to you. It doesn’t matter what season or time of day it is, your sign will be prominently displayed as a marketing tool at all times.

All of these studies—conducted by major organizations like the International Signage Association and reputable institutions like the Economic Center at the University of Cincinnati—point to the same conclusion: there’s no substitute for great business signage. If your business is lacking effective storefront signage or is overdue for enhancement or upgrades, it’s time to start thinking about how your bottom line may be impacted. Consider the above stats and ask yourself if new signage could give your business a reinvigorated sense of success.

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6 Reasons Wall and Floor Graphics are Better Than Paint

When it comes to decorating your commercial space, you face a variety of decisions to make. What colors should you use? What kind of accents should you have? What materials will work best? In the face of these decisions and more, most choose to simply paint their surroundings in their brand’s hues.

But why paint when you could do something more unique? We’re talking about wall graphics and floor graphics, and the many benefits they bring with them. Take a look at 6 reasons surface decals and graphics are a smarter choice than plain old paint.

1. Graphics Save You Time, Money and Effort

Wall and floor graphics offer significant savings in both time and money. Whether you hire professional painters or complete your paint job as a DIY project, you’re committing financial and manpower resources to the job. Painting also requires a lot of prep-time, work-time and clean-up time. Depending on the size of the space, it can require a hefty amount of paint as well. Tape, drop cloths, brushes, rollers and other supplies boost the total even more. You’ll have a large bill from the painting company or a long receipt from a commercial paint store.

Or, you can skip all this cost and hassle by choosing wall graphics. Simple to apply, you don’t need extra supplies or a team of professionals to get it done. You’ll save on decorating costs and free up funds for other areas of operation.

2. Graphics Enhance Your Brand Appeal

With wall and floor graphics, the possibilities are endless. What image do you want your brand to convey? How do you want your organization to stand out? Use custom graphics to send the message you desire.

Be as unique as you want to be with graphics that tell the story you want them to. More than a simple paint color, graphics offer the opportunity to share your logo, slogan or motto, as well as depict the exact designs you want for individual spaces. Your custom-designed wall and floor graphics are the ideal solution to differentiate your building from every other organization.

3. Graphics are Better-Purposed for Applications

Wall and floor graphics take decorating to the next level: they make it functional. Decals not only beautify your space, they offer multiple methods to share messaging, allowing you to think outside the paint can. Use an entire wall to display an ad. Guide visitors through your facility with way finding floor graphics. List your mission statement on the wall for all to see. The practical applications are limitless!

4. Graphics Offer Exceptional Value

Wall and floor graphics are easy to replace. For large graphics, you can reprint or replace small parts if damaged. To change the look of your space, simply apply a new graphic. This is much easier and more cost-effective than repainting that same space. Made to last, quality floor and wall graphics will stand the test of time and prove to be a valuable investment.

5. Graphics Keep Your Facilities Clean

Wall and floor graphics offer a crisp, clean look for your space. While painted walls get dingy over time and are hard to keep free of dings and scratches, graphics are easy to clean. Simply use a wet cloth and mild soap to keep your graphics looking sharp. You’ll always be able to present a spotless environment to visitors and clients, while maintaining a reputation for quality.

6. Graphics Improve Your Environment

Did you know you can use photography, art or text for your wall and floor graphics? Imagery can include anything you have in mind. Turn your naked walls into inviting images of your choice—be it decals of your flagship product, a creative design or a portrait of your campus. Offering people more than a solid, single-color wall of paint can improve the mood and atmosphere of your space in a dramatic way.

Take Advantage of Surface Graphics

AlphaGraphics has extensive expertise in wall and floor graphic design and applications. If you’re looking for a way to deploy these decals in your commercial space, AlphaGraphics Middleton today. We’ll help you harness the benefits above, to give your surroundings the boost they deserve.