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Promotional Items from AlphaGraphics Missoula

Right now get 250 Custom Notepads and 250 Custom pens for $349.95! Upload your artwork and contact us here.

Look around the items on your desk, or in your office.  What do you find?  Pens, paper, maybe a coffee mug?  How about your car, what’s in there?  Even if you keep your vehicle tip-top clean there might be a few pens from when you visited the bank yesterday or maybe a few notepads from the office so you can jot your thoughts down when you visit your next client…

There are certain items that we are always surrounded by.  Pens, paper, mugs, keychains, water bottles.  These items will always be in our world.  We keep them close to us for need and convenience.  How embarrassing is it when you have a business meeting and you don’t have paper or a pen.  On a road trip, how inconvenient to not have a bottle of water close by.

Why not capitalize on these items?  Capitalize on the fact that people need paper and pens, coffee mugs, keychains, and water bottles.  Have you thought about promoting your business with promotional items like these?  Items you can simply give away to employees and clients?  When notepads and pens are customized with your logo you are promoting your business without even trying.  Companies that are constantly cognizant of their brand know the value of promotional items.  You can spend very little money on these items and get big impact.

Mugs, Latex Bands, Coasters, and Keychains from AlphaGraphics Missoula

Promotional Items from AlphaGraphics Missoula

Think of meet-and-greets, seminars, or conventions… gatherings like these are perfect opportunities to spread your brand with cheap, impressive items that are customized with your logo.  You can even get creative and hand out items that are very unique such as flashlights, pliers, piggy banks, rulers… the list doesn’t end.

Visit our AlphaGraphics Missoula promotional products database to search for items.  There are thousands of possibilities! You will be amazed at how cheap promotional items can go for and the impact they provide.


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