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How To Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Social Media has been such a leading force in marketing for years and years. As a millenial, I didn’t grow up with social media, the Internet existed but it was used for emails or other things I didn’t comprehend. In fact, the only time I used the computer was to play Pinball and use Microsoft Paint. An almost simpler time. Now I don’t even have to use a computer anymore, with the invention of smartphones, I have the Internet right at my fingertips. My phone is full of apps including ones for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


One of the most useful platforms I have found for social media marketing is Instagram. Instagram is an app that allows users to post photos and videos. You follow other users and users can follow you. Instagram is a great social media marketing tool for businesses that are more visual based. I use the term “visual based” in a sense that the products are more design focused like a tattoo artist or a painter. For a print company, Instagram allows us to show off the work we’ve done for clients or what we can do. You want to post visually appealing photos on your profile. I usually go for something that might look pretty or has a cool factor to it.

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When posting a photo I make sure that I edit it, if needed, so it looks better. Editing can include adjusting the brightness, changing the colors, making the image sharper, and generally making it look clearer. Instagram has preset filters you can use too if you don’t want to edit it yourself. If I am posting work that we’ve done for a client and I also happen to follow them on Instagram, I will tag them in the post. This gives them a free shout out from us. You also want your followers to tag you in post so that their followers can see what you’ve done and have the opportunity to go to your profile and look or follow you.


Hashtagging photos can also help you gain more followers and likes. A hashtag is the pound symbol “#” followed by certain words or phrases that fit your photo or theme. For instance, people use #throwbackthursday when posting an older image on a Thursday. Businesses use popular ones that they know people will follow. If there is a certain holiday occuring, you can hashtag it or use one for an event that might be happening around you too. People search for certain hashtags and if your post is using that one, it will show up.


Another feature that Instagram has is Stories. You can post a picture or video on your story and it goes away after 24 hours. You can also save your stories in Highlights on your profile so people can watch them again. This is a fun way to stay connected because you can post more without filling up someone’s timeline or adding too much to your own profile page.


If you’re like me, you appreciate knowing how things are made. With Instagram, you can post behind the scenes looks at your company and products. For AlphaGraphics, I post on our story of how we produce some of our products. It’s a really great way to show our clients and followers of how things are made and how we ensure the best quality.


Instagram gives you the option to make your profile a business one. This allows a company to include a link to their website and address. It also includes buttons so another user can call or email you if you provide your information. These features make it more accessible for people to get in contact with you. Businesses use Instagram to showcase themselves. Remember that a picture can be a lot more effective than just words. Check out our Instagram page @alphagraphicsmusiccity to see some of our work we’ve done!


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