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Why Black and White Printing is Still Relevant

When you see black and white images, your mind usually starts to go back to the time when photos with color didn’t exist. Black and white printing isn’t a thing of the past though. You may feel as if using black and white may be boring or won’t make it pop, but that’s not necessarily the case. You don’t always need color for your printed pieces.

Black and white printing is used for multiple reasons. Documents that are full of wording is a prime example of ideal black and white pieces. For instance, an employee manual, color is not necessary because it’s mostly all words. Certain professional business documents are another example of pieces that would fit with black and white printing. Even for documents that include images, black and white printing may still be the best option. Especially if it’s a high volume job like flyers or handbills where branding is less important than simply getting the word out.

One misconception about black and white printing is that it’s only the two, black and white. When it comes to printing, gray tones can make the image more crisp and gives it more detail. It sometimes makes for an almost cleaner image. Black and white printing can be rich and elegant. You don’t always lose the high quality of the image and it can make it more visually appealing. It allows your audience to use their imagination more too.

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B&W Piece Printed by AG Music City

It’s less expensive to print in black and white than it is color, if you’re looking for a more cost effective way to print. It can be done on a variety of papers and substrates that will make your piece more than just a plain black and white one. The type of paper it’s printed on can change the entire piece even if it’s only black and white.

Printing in black and white is a timeless concept, it’s been around for a long time and we shouldn’t forget about it. It can be used for many pieces and still be aesthetically pleasing. If you need to print a high volume of work then black and white printing may be perfect for you. AlphaGraphics Music City has the expertise and equipment to get the job done right.

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