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Show Posters- What Should You Put on Them?

As an avid concert lover and performer, I’ve seen my fair share of concert and event posters. I’ve seen some that are really well done and some that are…well let’s just say not that well done. Some things I’ve noticed in posters are what you should and shouldn’t include on them. You want to make sure that you are reaching your audience without being there to physically tell them what the show is about. You see posters everywhere on bulletin boards, retail stores, restaurants, light poles, and even the less fortunate places – bathrooms.

So you’re standing there looking at this poster, it looks pretty cool right? You see the performer’s name pop out at you, maybe you know them maybe you don’t. There could be an image of them on the poster, nice looking artist. Maybe there’s some cool artwork on the poster. Either way, you should definitely know who is performing from looking at the poster, that’s a big piece of detail.

Next you might be looking for the location of the show or maybe the date, which are two crucial pieces of information. I’ve seen posters that make the mistake of having the location loud and clear on the poster but the date? Not so much. The poster should not have you searching to find any relevant information like “Where’s Waldo?”. Layout is very important and so is hierarchy, meaning how you can visually show which content is prioritized. If you’re looking at a poster or even a website, what’s the first thing that catches your eye? Something big, bold, and maybe placed right at the top of it? That’s not by mistake, the designer purposefully puts content in the order they want their audience to see it. So when the designer doesn’t include information or is making it hard to find, that’s messing up the hierarchy.

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You found out that the location is somewhere close to you and you have that day open on your calendar so you’re definitely wanting to see the show! But wait, how much are tickets? In my opinion, I like knowing the price I might have to pay for a show right away. But having been to a variety of shows, I can also ballpark the amount. There should either be a price of tickets on the poster or an easy website link that someone can go to and check. Other information you might see on a show poster could be sponsors or other performers that are on the bill. Set times for the acts could also be mentioned on it or even the time for doors opening.

All in all, looking at a poster is something that is done fast so you need to grab the reader’s attention. Great colors, interesting images, a cool (but legible) font, these are just a few things you can do to really catch someone’s eye. The key to a good show poster is showcasing the most important information in a way that your audience will see it and has the ability to look at it quick enough with a glance or scan it and retain that information. I may not necessarily remember what it looks like but I want to remember the information. AlphaGraphics has a great deal on 11×17” show posters for 79¢ each. Order a minimum of 10 with print ready artwork, let us help you get noticed and get business!


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