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Why Stickers Are A Great Marketing Tool

Having just graduated from college last year, I remember sitting in class and looking at the backs of laptops all around me. A majority of them were covered in stickers. You could almost tell what a person was like based on what stickers they had on their laptops; either their sorority or fraternity, something funny, their favorite food, a nice picture, a logo of a company they like, the list goes on and on. People love stickers, if someone is handing out free stickers you feel as if you just NEED to get one, even if you don’t intend on using it. It almost allows our inner child to come out or it gives us the opportunity to make a statement.

Organizations use stickers as a marketing tool, they can put their logo on it or something else related to it.They can spread their brand messaging with stickers and basically make any surface into an ad for their business or brand. The trick is to make sure it’s creative, people like stickers that stand out. When thinking of an idea for a sticker design you can use your logo, colors, tagline, motto, date, or more. This helps make it unique for your business specifically. Stickers have evolved from not just being a rectangle, circle, or only certain colors; they can be different shapes, sizes, and colors!  A fun sticker design is memorable and a good marketing tool.

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Stickers can be used for incentives or giveaways, gifts, labels, and more. If someone puts your sticker on their laptop, car, or anything really, they are practically giving you free marketing. I may see a sticker that looks cool to me and ask what it is or where they got it from. Consumers are more likely to shop somewhere or use a product if it is recommended. Having your sticker on something can increase your brands visibility and recognition.

Stickers are one of the most cost effective ways of marketing. They can even be waterproof or be produced on a material that makes them easy to remove. Does your company need a little something to give to your customers or maybe a fun label to go on your packaging? Stickers are the way to go! Do you have a vision for how you want your sticker to look? AlphaGraphics Music City can design and produce the sticker, you just have to hand them out and use them how you want to.

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