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What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

Every person or family has a different holiday tradition or traditions that they do practically every year. Traditions can change or stop, but new ones can always begin. I had the privilege of asking some of my coworkers what their traditions were.

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For my family, every Christmas morning, we each sit in our own spot by the tree and my oldest brother is the designated gift distributor. He hands us our gifts and we keep them in piles until all the gifts are distributed and then we can open them. The older we get the harder it is to follow this tradition because my oldest brother can’t always make it home for Christmas. If he’s not there, it just goes down the line to the next oldest, who is my other older brother. I would love to continue this tradition and even pass it on to my future family too!

Whitney’s family tradition includes her entire family all getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve and then wearing them on Christmas Day to open presents. She even has a matching set with her sister that has her initials monogrammed on the side. The cutest thing is that their dog gets a set of pajamas to match! They also still make Christmas cookies for Santa, which you can never go wrong with. He definitely loves all kinds of cookies.

Who doesn’t love looking at Christmas lights? Hannah’s tradition is that every year they go out and get Starbucks and drive around to look at Christmas lights. This kind of adventure usually happens on Christmas Eve and it sounds quite lovely. Following Whitney’s pet theme, she also dresses her cat and dog in matching sweaters which I had the joy of looking at and let me tell you, it is just as adorable as you would imagine.

Giving each other the gift of traveling is one of Bob and Eileen’s tradition. They spend Christmas Day booking and planning their vacation for the next year. The trips are usually overseas to different countries. This past year they went to Scotland! It ends up being their gift to each other which is super sweet!

Traditions are totally fun and every family has different ones! Some have been traditions that have been happening for ages while others might have only been happening for a few years, each one is special though. Let us know what your family tradition is in the comments below! Happy Holidays!

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