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Why Coroplast Signs are a Good Marketing Tool

The season of yard sales, block parties, pool parties, and other fun Summer activities is upon us, which also means it’s the season for coroplast signs. You’re driving around your neighborhood or community and you notice a bunch of coroplast signs sticking up in the grass, whether it’s in your own yard or someone else’s, they are bound to get your attention. Maybe they are asking you to vote for someone or perhaps there is an event happening down the street, either way, these signs can go just about everywhere.

Corrugated plastic is technically what coroplast signs are and they are made up of plastic substrates. The plastic is layered in a specific way, two plastic sheets sandwiching a zig zag layer of plastic, this makes the sign more durable. There’s usually a wire stand connected to the bottom of it that allows you stick it in the ground and keeps it standing upright.

Why Coroplast Signs are a Good Marketing Tool-1

Since the signs are so durable they can withstand the sun shining down on them for long periods. They can also be waterproof for the occasional rainy day you might face in the Summer. Being so lightweight and portable is another plus of coroplast signs. You can carry them anywhere and only have to apply a small amount of force to stick them in the ground. There’s little maintenance that needs to be done with coroplast signs, you can usually leave them wherever they are placed and occasionally check on them or you can move them to a different location without damaging or destroying them.

Coroplast signs have many uses and are reasonably priced. When planning your next neighborhood social or any other type of event in your community, consider using coroplast signs to get the word out. They are a great marketing tool and AlphaGraphics Music City can offer you a fantastic deal on them!

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