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Add Color and Charm with Banners

As a small business owner, you need ways to cultivate curiosity and look your best. Business signage is your foremost advertising tool. Grab attention and set your business apart with gorgeous custom banners! Banners are an inexpensive substitute for permanent signage that allow you the flexibility to change and move your materials as needed. Banners are eye-catching, sophisticated, and fun!

Distinct Banner Options to Get All Eyes on You

Whether you want to highlight a promotion, organize your sales floor, or increase foot traffic at a trade show, consider some of these imaginative banner options for your next display.

1. Pole Banners

Pole Banners are vertical banners made from sturdy vinyl material and can affix to almost any type of light pole, street post, or sidewall mounting. They are an excellent medium to market to pedestrians or drivers in locations with heavy traffic. Located at or above eye level, these banners are easily noticed from a distance and offer an excellent way to strengthen your brand.

Use pole banners to display school colors, mount core values in your department, or promote community events. Enjoy easy, breezy visibility with this durable, colorful signage.

2. Retractable Banners

Think banners have to be huge to be effective? Think again! Retractable banners are a compact, portable option that can easily travel with you to any trade show or event. Retractable stands stretch anywhere from 18″ to 86″ tall. Choose a size that works best for you to dress up your presentation with minimal hassle. Use them for conventions, boutiques, banks, point-of-purchase displays, and more. Retractable banners can make a big impact for your business!

3. Step and Repeat Banners

Looking for a fun way to build a social media presence for your business? Try step and repeat banners and offer people a creative photo op they can hashtag!

Step and repeat banners are a marketing backdrop used primarily for event photography. Printed with a repeating pattern or design, they are highly visible when individuals are photographed while standing in front of it. From red carpet events to company parties, step and repeat banners give a “celebrity-like” experience for your guests to engage with. Continue to engage with more people when photos of your banner are released to the press and social media. This builds word-of-mouth marketing and spreads your image far and wide!

Flex Some Marketing Muscle with Extraordinary Custom Banners

Big and beautiful or nifty and portable, banners are a superb marketing tool that can help attract more customers to your business. Want to talk options? No matter the display size or budget, we’ll help you find the perfect banner for your business. Contact us today at 319-626-3700 or We’ll start a plan to promote your business professionally and elegantly, so you stand out!


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